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11:00 AM


Christianity: Value, History and Trandition (Baby/Bathwater)
Pat Jobe
Many of us came out of Christian churches as did our ancestors. William Ellery Channing said Jesus did not need to be divine to impart wisdom, but what wisdom did he impart and what good has it done?


Day of the Dead/Fear of Dying
Pat Jobe
Why do we fear dying? What is the antidote to this fear? How do we
live so that we don't fear death? Our tradition is that we bring pictures
of those who have passed on, light candles in their memory and celebrate whatever life may lie beyond the grave.


Maureen Nery
A look at the power of silence in a world full of noise, music, sound tracks and engines.


Response to Violence
Pat Jobe
Expect some controversial and edgy thoughts on how to face down what feels like a pervasive community problem. Also, how do we make our congregation as safe as possible?


Moderated Panel of Religious Beliefs
Pat Jobe
Okay, UU's run a spectrum of beliefs, or lack thereof. Special guests and members of our community will discuss as a panel the variety of beliefs and how they affect behavior.


Green Service
Pat Jobe
If climate change really is a loaded gun, how do we get the bullets out? What can we do? What's reasonable and where do we find the will, the money, the organizational prowess?




Membership Sunday takes place on the first Sunday of every odd numbered month immediately following the service. Anyone wishing to join the Fellowship is invited to meet in the choir room where you will "sign the book" and we will share stories of our spiritual journeys, and you'll be provided with a packet of information about the Fellowship.

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Current Events:

•Nov. 8

Our World Famous AUCTION - info to come

• Sundays
9:30-10:45 AM

• Discussion Group: Herb Reeves (Founders Room)
For more information contact: hrbrvs7@gmail.com.

• Tai Chi for Beginners: Todd Couillard
For more information contact: todd.guffingham@gmail.com. Info here

• A Course in Miracles: Jean Blank (Spirit Play Room 2)
For more information contact: jeanfblank@yahoo.com

• Monday

Yoga is Back in the sanctuary - INFO

• Tuesday
7:30-10 PM

Buddhist Meditation Group: Jim Lawrence (Choir Room )
For more information contact: Jim Lawrence@bellsouth.net

• Wednesday
7:00 PM

CoDA meeting – 12 Step meeting on co-dependency. Info


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Our Famous No-Talent Show - March 14, 2014

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