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Sunday Services:

11:00 AM


Covenant Groups
Kathleen Anderson
Our recommitment a year ago to meaningful & engaging covenant groups has involved more than a third of our congregation. What's the big deal? Why do these matter? Our amazing & delightful Director of Lifespan Faith Development will lead a pep rally for this all important work, that is covenant groups.


Looking for Common Ground With The Tradition of Christian Social Justice
Rev. Sean Dogan
In a rare and unusual version of a pulpit exchange, Rev. Jobe will be speaking at the Longbranch Baptist Church at 8 a.m. with Rev. Dogan by his side. The two will be together at our place at 11 a.m.

Rev. Dogan is a trailblazer and advocate for a Christianity that is fully engaged in the life of the community. He will likely shake the rafters!


Bishop Spong - A Christian Voice for Liberalism
Pat Jobe
One of the most radical voices of liberal Christianity, Bishop John Shelby Spong asks us to rethink the stories that have built millions of churches and Christian ministries around the world, rather than kick the whole thing to the curb.


Byron Katie
Pat Jobe
In July of 2007, our minister had life changing contact with California guru Byron Katie through one of her books. His life journey has been colored dramatically by the simple act of questioning his thoughts. His book "Falling In Love With Everything" tells the story. So will this sermon, in part.




Membership Sunday takes place on the first Sunday of every odd numbered month immediately following the service. Anyone wishing to join the Fellowship is invited to meet in the choir room where you will "sign the book" and we will share stories of our spiritual journeys, and you'll be provided with a packet of information about the Fellowship.

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Current Events:

•August 24

Rafting w/ Merridee and the RaftBums
Merridee: padlindiva@att.net / Hal Smith: shaljr@bellsouth.net


Donate to Science but keep your $ and your body!
World Community Grid - INFO

• Sunday
9:30-10:45 AM

• Discussion Group: Herb Reeves (Founders Room)
For more information contact: hrbrvs7@gmail.com.

• Tai Chi for Beginners: Todd Couillard
For more information contact: todd.guffingham@gmail.com. Info here

• A Course in Miracles: Jean Blank (Spirit Play Room 2)
For more information contact: jeanfblank@yahoo.com

• Tuesday
7:30-10 PM

Buddhist Meditation Group: Jim Lawrence (Choir Room )
For more information contact: Jim Lawrence@bellsouth.net

• Wednesday
7:00 PM

CoDA meeting – 12 Step meeting on co-dependency. Info


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